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Spam prevention improvements

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We were using CleanTalk to block and prevent spammers and it was working very well for us until IPS upgraded to version 4.5 and the plugin then needed to modified into an Application instead of a Plugin. I'm not sure what all is involved but it looks like CleanTalk is struggling with making it work with IPS 4.5x

I don't know about the rest of you but with using CleanTalk we probably got about 2 spammers a week that got through. Now with CleanTalk gone we are slowly creeping back up and at times now get a dozen spammers getting through every day.

Last year we also imported a huge email domain not-allowed list that helped a lot but adding CleanTalk made a night and day difference and after a few weeks of training we went from 50 or more spam posts per day to maybe 2 a week or less.

What are other using to help prevent Spammers from posting? The IPS Spam Defense just is not cutting it. It does catch some but not many.

IPS Spam Defense has blocked just over 20 million threats, spammers.

Akismet has blocked over 500 Billion threats, spammers.


Has anyone used this plugin below? What are your thoughts about it?

Support Anti-Spam 1.0.0


Personally I'd like to see IPS step up their game. If CleanTalk was able to make a huge spam issue almost disappear as a plugin I'd think IPS knowing their code intimately would be able to do the same thing for their own product and thus helping all their customers achieve a much higher success rate at blocking spammers.

Suggestions and feedback welcome on what you're using to help prevent Spam posters.

Thank you

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38 minutes ago, Malwarebytes Forums said:


Does this Anti-Spam plugin actually work to prevent people from signing up for an account, or prevent them from making posts on the forum?


It only blocks spam on the “Contact Us” form when it’s configured to send submissions to a Commerce support department as well as spam submitted via a regular Commerce support request.

It does not run on user registration nor on forum posts or other content.

I could look into extending Akismet into other areas of the suite, get in touch via PM if you’re interested in that.

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I’m using Indisposable to block temporary email addresses. Not exactly what you are looking for but for me this works awesome.

But I agree, especially when allowing Google as Login Handler, you get hundreds of SPAM accounts from India/Bangladesh. I just ended up blocking those countries with Cloudflare but I can imagine, this can’t be done for every community.

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