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How to ignore other users?

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Hi everyone,

I quite cannot find how to easily ignore someone (hide his/her posts in the topics), especially on the mobile version.

On the desktop version of IPB, hovering over the user's nickname displays a pop-in window, where I can find an option allowing me to ignore them.

On the mobile version, on the other hand, I cannot figure out how, and did not find any documentation about this.

I could not find an "Ignore" option directly on the user's profile, which would have been useful on the mobile version (Firefox / Chrome for Android).

My IPB community is 4.5.3, and I did not turn off the option allowing members to ignore other members. Also, I use IPB's default theme, apart from the colors.

Can you please help?

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With regard to the ignore feature, is there a way to also ignore those ignored users quotes when some other member quotes the ignored user's posts? Current, people can ignore each other but if I or someone else quotes that ignored user, the member who is ignoring the ignored member, has his/her quotes visible. 

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