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Global best answer/solved setting

Gabriel Torres

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Hi there!

With the new 4.5 series, we have a new functionality, "set best answer/solved".

However, if moderators are configured to moderate only certain forums, they will only be able to set a post as best answer/solved if the topic is in the forums they are listed as moderators.

IMHO, it is missing a setting to allow moderators to set post as best answer/solved in all forums.

Therefore, I think that in the moderator settings, it is missing an option under the 'Content' tab to allow this.

For example, under the 'Content' tab we have the 'Can enable/disable moderation on all content?'. With this option enabled, the moderator can enable/disable moderation in all topics. With this setting disabled, a new option shows up in the 'Forums' tab, 'Can enable/disable moderation on topics?'.

Following the same idea, in the 'Content' tab I think we should have a new option:

'Can set best answer/solved on all content?'

With this option enabled, the moderator would be able to set posts as best answer/solved in all forums.

With this option disabled, only then the current option 'Can set best answer/solved for questions and topics?' would show up in the 'Forums' tab.

I honestly think this was an oversight from your team! 🙂

Thank you in advance.


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