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    • By livegames.co.il
      Each reply is in my form log and shows a timestamp above every post.
      My problem is that reply  under 24 hours, showing the short format and not complete timestamp.
      For example, ' 3 hours ago' or '3 minuet's ago'.
      How can I change it to always load the full date and time format? 
      like 25/11/21 02:35 PM ( it showing it like that only for a post that past 24 hours) 
      Many thanks! 
      Before 24 Hours

      After 24 Hoers

    • By Optimvs
      Hi, I'm adding some text in pages and I cant adjust the advanced options and css for WYSIWYG Editor, so this content is showd with general page background. This is an issue or only can edit this advanced settings by css code editing the template? I add some pics to view this advanced menu in 2 editors.
      Thanks a lot.

    • By Optimvs
      Hi @Marc Stridgen again, I record a video to illustrate this diferencies the WYSIWYG block looks diferent by default in one or more columns, in horizontal cointainers and sidebar. So some issues are about this block. 
    • By tolik777
      After upgrading to versions 4.3 to 4.4.x, I had periodic problems with the ibf_core_output_cache table. Everything worked fine for 2-3 months, then this table began to increase dramatically and the server was terribly slow because of it, because there were many requests to HDD and it did not have time.
      I cleaned the table ibf_core_output_cache, started reindexing and everything was fine for a few months again. Then everything again.
      This Sunday I upgraded to the new version 4.6.8 (from 4.4.x). Everything updated fine, re-indexing ended yesterday. But now I see that ibf_core_output_cache is growing again, and noticeably faster than before. If in the morning the table took 77 GB, only a few hours later it takes almost 100 GB. So +20 GB in just a few hours!
      The site begins to slow down again, CPU load reaches an average of 20-30%. Although usually the average value is 5-10%.
      I hoped that in version 4.6.8. they will fix the problem with ibf_core_output_cache, but the problem stays the same.
      I use Redis on my server and have it enabled in the settings, but it doesn't help in any way.

    • By imJexs
      I am currently migrating our community to a new provider who requires primary key existence on all tables for binary log replication purposes. It's a little frustrating and was very much so unforeseen when planning this migration. Nonetheless, we're stuck with it and I've got to make it work.
      There are currently 23 tables in Core, 3 in CMS, 1 in Forums, and 4 in Nexus that do not have a primary key set. From what I've seen looking through the source it appears it would be safe to just add a primary key auto increment column to all of these tables, but I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this or if there are any issues I'm not seeing right now.
      Future Request/Suggestion
      Ideally, it would be great to see this updated with an official IPS release and set as a standard moving forward to require a primary key. I know it doesn't completely make sense for simple mapping tables, but it does help with replication and I think is justified. If I add a key/column to each of these tables, I'd prefer to not have to monitor each release for new tables without a key. 😅
      Tables without a PRIMARY or UNIQUE key:
      cms_database_fields_reciprocal_map cms_url_store core_acp_search_index core_attachments_map core_googleauth_used_codes core_search_index_tags core_sys_social_group_members core_tasks_log core_theme_settings_values core_view_updates Tables without a PRIMARY but with a UNIQUE key (could set primary as same as unique):
      cms_page_widget_areas core_acp_tab_order core_automatic_moderation_pending core_cache core_follow_count_cache core_item_markers core_item_member_map core_members_logins core_oauth_server_access_tokens core_oauth_server_authorization_codes core_post_before_registering core_reputation_leaderboard_history core_search_index_item_map core_security_answers core_tags_cache core_tags_perms forums_view_method nexus_customer_spend nexus_package_filters_map nexus_package_filters_values nexus_support_staff_dpt_order  
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