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When "do not display guests ..." this declaration doesn't fit no more:

html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span12:nth-child( 1n ), 
html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span12 + [class*="ipsGrid_span"], 
html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span6:nth-child( odd ), 
html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span4:nth-child( 3n+1 ), 
html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span3:nth-child( 4n+1 ), 
html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span2:nth-child( 6n+1 ), 
html[dir="ltr"] .ipsGrid_span1:nth-child( 12n+1 ) {
    margin-left: 0;


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Good catches, Thanks. I'll add them to the next release which will be submitted in a day or two (mainly to tighten up the in-lined images feature in posts)

EDIT: I know why I missed the first one, on my dev board the forums have descriptions, giving the row enough room. :doh:

EDIT 2: For the second one, it's just adding ipsHide to the guest entries but you know what? It's an equally easy hook to just set the Online Users link itself to default to members only. That leaves this thing entirely intact so you can change the filters as you like on the page to view guests and whatever. Best solution possible.

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You know the post numbers would not be consecutive right? Internally all posts are in their own table and matched with the forum they are in. I mean, one could hack around that for display purposes only but that's a little goofy too.

And I guess you'd want it along side the three dots?

Doable though either way.

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Kitchen Sink 1.1.0 Released!

  • UPDATE! Added responsive phone-view to the Forums in-lined image feature, misc adjusted CSS.
  • UPDATE! New javascript catch for Forums in-lined images: ANY paragraph with images that have inline-css styles are skipped.
  • UPDATE! Sets min-row height for forum rows when do not show statistics on mobile views is enabled.
  • UPDATE! Re-worked the Show Only Members on Online Users page. Now just sets the menu link to default to the members filter. No CSS hiding, all filters, including guests, still available. Best possible solution.
  • NEW BY REQUEST! Site terms and conditions option: place in footer, use full theme instead of minimal. NOTE: These terms and conditions only appear on new registrations or when users are forced to accept changed terms and conditions. This KS setting allows them to be viewed at any time.
  • NEW BY REQUEST! Posts numbered in Forum Topics. Either the actual universal post number or numerically 1-2-3 per-topic. Those aren't linked. You can get the post link in the three-dot dropdown via the Share option.
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Just purchased today and installed on my test 4.5.4 install and no way to set anything? I click on the app in the ACP and like other apps there should be items opening below I assume to set and adjust but when clicking on the app it briefly says loading and nothing appears?
Please advise

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We solved that above via PM. He was just a little confused as its an app and not a plugin, so whole new tab in the acp with the AA logo and such.

1.1.1 Released!

  • Patches that stupid stupid log bug.
  • Post numbers linked.

Not sure when your MP refreshes out (one could run the task manually I guess...) but when 1.1.1 shows up, upgrade.

If any of you need help clearing those log files out just shoot me a pm.


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We bought this a couple of days ago primarily to use the Font Awesome 5 support.

We wanted to use this with https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9741-community-map-20-off-black-november-sale/

 so we could have nice images for our marker groups. But when selecting either Load FA5 with FA4 shim or Load FA5 but DO NOT load FA4 shim, the font awesome 5 icons are not showing and the marker pin is just blank inside.

Any ideas?


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