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    • By livegames.co.il
      Each reply is in my form log and shows a timestamp above every post.
      My problem is that reply  under 24 hours, showing the short format and not complete timestamp.
      For example, ' 3 hours ago' or '3 minuet's ago'.
      How can I change it to always load the full date and time format? 
      like 25/11/21 02:35 PM ( it showing it like that only for a post that past 24 hours) 
      Many thanks! 
      Before 24 Hours

      After 24 Hoers

    • By Optimvs
      Hi, I'm adding some text in pages and I cant adjust the advanced options and css for WYSIWYG Editor, so this content is showd with general page background. This is an issue or only can edit this advanced settings by css code editing the template? I add some pics to view this advanced menu in 2 editors.
      Thanks a lot.

    • By Optimvs
      Hi @Marc Stridgen again, I record a video to illustrate this diferencies the WYSIWYG block looks diferent by default in one or more columns, in horizontal cointainers and sidebar. So some issues are about this block. 
    • By Michael.J
      This plugin adds tv episode formatting to new topics with the ability to set the season, episode and air date. Also included is the ability to choose with forums will have episode formatting disabled.
      Set a season, episode and air date for new topics. Air date makes use of calendar helper to quickly select the air date of a new episode. Choose which forums episode formatting is disabled in. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    • By Brad Eden
      SUPPORT: I am not currently having issues but with new format I can’t for the life of me find a link in my Client Area to report an issue and create a ticket. Please advise.
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