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What is the purpose of the old, red pips?

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So, it seems members of the +Clients group are the only ones still blessed with these red pips: customer_pips.png.1339b2bdc0d8b03ea1b8f2

I remember them being used by everyone and their mother back when the name of the software was IP.Board. But what is the purpose of these small squared pips today? They are not present on non-client members, and those who do get them get the same amount of pips.

Is it simply an oversight, or a reminder of something that once was?

Questions like this keep me up at night. 🤔

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8 hours ago, Rikki said:

It's a legend lost to time. We just keep them in case removing them releases a terrible curse.


14 minutes ago, Runar said:

Thank you! I finally slept like a child, knowing you go to extraordinary lengths to keep us all safe.

Legend has it that they removed them once... A war broke out between us, it’s was ungodly to see. However, they were soon reinstated and peace was once upon us again. 

I believe it was when 4.x.x was released and we all wondered where they all went on the forums! 😆

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