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How to remove 'New Member' badge on Avatar? IPS 4.5


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A problem I've run in to on IPS 4.5.3 – I can switch off the badges for Moderators that appear on their avatars, but how do I do that for new members?

The badge for new members looks like a restriction/stop/you've been naughty(!) sign not a "wave hello".

Any help much appreciated.


P.S. When using search in Admin CP, the only result for a search on the term "badge" brings up the member ranking scheme, and not the "badge" switch for Moderators which I had to go manually hunting elsewhere for.

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The relevant code is on lines 45–47 in the theme file forums > front > topics > postContainer:

			{{elseif $comment->author()->joinedRecently()}}
			<span class="cAuthorPane_badge cAuthorPane_badge--new" data-ipsTooltip title="{lang="member_is_new_badge" sprintf="$comment->author()->name"}"></span>

I've kept the badge, but changed it to something a bit more positive:

/* Change the icon for new members */
.cAuthorPane_badge--new::before {
	content: "\f25b";

Which results in this:


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5 minutes ago, Runar said:

not everyone is comfortable manually editing the theme.


Correct. They could have just added a switch (as they already did for Moderators/Admins). It also helps for ease of doing upgrades to have as few custom changes to the code as possible.

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19 hours ago, PoC2 said:


I think it's great that Invision continue to produce updates and expansions to their software, but I do wish a few more of these new facilities were 'opt-in' rather than essentially forced upon us.

I agree. The same with the post statistics sidebar. It was just on by default - should have been opt-in instead.

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12 hours ago, Runar said:

I have created a simple (and free) plugin to change the icon, change how long a member is considered new, or disable the badge completely. Hopefully the plugin will be approved and available shortly.

The plugin is available!



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