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Recipe / Cookbook Option

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Pages is certainly the way to go if you can wade thru it.  We have a recipe database with categories that also posts to a forum when a recipe is added.


When you click on recipe we also have option to generate a print page of just the recipe info without all the headers, pagers and controls:


Then on our social forum we also have a custom block showing a random recipe that has a picture at bottom of page:



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3 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

I've never really used pages where users can create entries.  Is it a steep learning curve for me and for users?

For you:  It takes a bit to get the categories, fields, templates and page sorted.  If you don't do a lot of customization and just use the standard templates once you get that sorted it is fairly easy.  There might be decent guides now, there were none when I started using the database.

For your users, pretty easy:


Just standard type fields to fill in.

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