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400+ RGB function error in css templates?


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Jigsaw css validation reports 400+ errors in this nvision very own sites CSS



The majority of them are 'RGB function error's


.ipsWidget_title Value Error : color Invalid RGB function )


what is the cause of these errors?

is it because invision is using hex values as the  variable in a rgb function?


color:rgb( var(--theme-widget_title_font) );

as in should the above code be  


color: var(--theme-widget_title_font) ;


rather than rgb?

It does seem that in custom.css if you use the non-rgb version the error goes away 

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8 minutes ago, bfarber said:

It's an issue with the validator. The var() call returns the three numbers, so it needs to be passed to the CSS rgb() call as is being done. With custom.css the vars are usually hex values, which is why they're not passed to rgb().

thanks for the reply

though I may be missing something here

as all the theme variables in my core_theme_settings_values table are actually stored as hex not rgb



so doesn't this call always return the same result - a hex one in my case

as said apologies if missing something obvious






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thanks for looking into this, I don't really get why the rgb function is being used if the actual variables are stored as hex

would the conversion have some performance hit? , and maybe there be no errors in the validation, if it wasn't

but as am a bit out my depth here I will leave this here

thanks again for the effort/time in replying



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