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Send and Receive Emails to my Google Chrome account

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New to 4.5. Actually I'm new to IPB in general. It seems 15 years ago I used my website address to receive emails to my Google Chrome account I don't how I did it. My IPB is www.home2000.com, still under construction. So I would use bob@home2000.com. If someone sent me email to that address it would end up in my Google Chroma email program, which is what I want. I'm not sure if there's some settings within IPB or Chrome that I have to set up.


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Hi Bob,

I think you're asking how to forward mail sent to bob@home2000.com to a Gmail account (just for illustrative purposes, I'll pretend your Gmail address is bobsnow@gmail.com).

In order to do this, you'll need to first determine what your MX (mail exchange) DNS records are set to. Looking at your domain records, it appears that your domain is currently set to use SiteGround as your mail provider. You'll need to work with them to set a forwarding address that will take received e-mail and forward it to your Gmail account.

Alternatively, if SiteGround provides you a way to access e-mail via POP3 or IMAP, you may be able to connect to your SiteGround account via Gmail's built in email checker. For instructions on how to set that up, see: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/21289?hl=en

All of this would happen outside of the context of your IPB installation. Your best bet is to reach out to SiteGround for assistance on accessing your mail via IMAP or POP3. You can then use those instructions to set up your Gmail account per the link above.

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