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[CJ] Menu Groups Manager (Support Topic)


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Menu group with submenu's in the "traditional" style. this is the "primary" location, replacing the primary menu


Menu group with submenu's in the "mega menu" style


This is a block style menu group, with a magic menu item in the "footer" location.


this is a menu group in the primary location, with a magic submenu.

I believe the last image is the one would that would be best to do the mega menu on the site you linked me too. (a "magic menu item" allows you to use IPS template logic to design your own menu or to add stuff that is outside the structure of the menu.).

Hope this answers your questions. 

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Hi @CodingJungle I have this odd behavior with MGM where the page seems to refresh for what seems like no reason at all.

We might hover over a menu item or click somewhere in the header and the page reloads. Is this because we are force replacing the IPS menu?

Is there a better way (as in changing the page template) to not force the IPS menu to be hidden?

AND... Can you explain the menu setting Skip More... ? I cannot figure this one out. image.png.095fd22e0e48cd5cac88c5dcfc87ac62.png



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