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Migration from VB 4 - problem with attachments

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Tried to do a test migration from vb4. As a result, attachments were not transferred ūü§•

VB4:  forum - mysite.com/forum, blog - mysite.com/blog, articles - mysite.com

IPS Community Suite 4.5.3: test.mysite.com

Subdomain and main domain - on the same server.


1.  How to specify path to Gallery Images? I tried to copy "mysite.com/forum/Uploads" to "test.mysite,com/Uploads2" and specify "/Uploads2", but it does not work, albums are empty.

2. How to specify path to forum attachments? There are no such settings in the migrator.

I would be grateful for your help.

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Now when you do a migration there is more to it then just simply getting the files to the right place. IPS has to rebuild data, this includes attachment data etc. If all of your settings are correct then when the migration happens it still has to rebuild everything.

I can't verify what you have there but if the settings are all correct then it should migrate them just fine.

I unfortunately don't know how VB is setup but normally uploads (unless your forum structure differs from default) is mysite.com/uploads

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