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Max total size / Max file size

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On my site when I set Maximum storage for each submission to 2000 it shows this


When I set that setting as unlimited, it shows as this


My question is where is that set as 30mb? I can't find it anywherre.

I would rather just have the max total size of 1.95mb showing. I don't see the need for it to display twice. Most sites I've checked don't show max file size and max total size.

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There could be places in your web server configuration as well as php. Check the documentation for whatever web server you are using.

Additionally, if you use a CDN or security software you may need to adjust settings there. The limit will be the smallest of all relevant settings.

Look for POST limits and upload limits.

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The reason that it shows both is because they are 2 different items in permissions. There are server side settings that will affect the max-file-size as well but:


The top one is the remaining storage they have (lets say the 30 megs that you posted there) the second one is the maximum size they can upload per attachment (2 megs). So if you set the first to the larger number and the second to the smaller number it will look correct.

This is intended for sites with limited storage space or similar as well as sites that wish to provide extra storage space for subscribers etc.


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