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New weird problem, CSS not loading in /admin

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Another weird problem today. Updated to 4.5.5 about a week ago, everything has been working fine. Initially had an issue with 3rd party updates not loading and this was fixed by my ISP switching my server from mod_php to FCGI. Tonight the Admin center won't load it's CSS files. I can log in no problem, just no formatting. The main site is running fine. No software changes have been made to the site since the upgrade.  Stable for over a week. I use a whitelist in htaccess (in the admin dir)  for the access control to /admin.   Only change made on the server was yesterday in the /admin htaccess file. My cable modem died and I had to get another and the new install forced a new IP address for me locally. I updated my new IP address in htaccess /admin yesterday and again, everything was working correctly when done. Tonight, CSS not loading.   Ideas on isolating the issue?1

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