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Confirmation for disabling core apps


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Or any app really but I apparently misclicked earlier today, whether it be through one of my many alt tabs or I scrolled and clicked or my mouse (which has been angry lately), and turned off the core feature of my site. Pages.

The fun part about this is it happened after I logged back into the ACP after hours of being in it so I may have just "clicked" and it was gone...... I'm horribly upset right now. It means my core features of my site have been disabled for over 12 hours (because I don't go refresh a page) because of a simple click mistake in the ACP. I appreciate the easy enable/disable but in this case I'm thinking that a confirmation would have been more satisfactory because I would have said Hades no.

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I mean I don't mind the support feature disabling everything, there is a warning. But this was a core IPS suite application that just disappeared with a random click.

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