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Custom chat development

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Hello developers

I would like to see the option of a custom development to have a personal chat available on the topic of a specific forum.

My portal has advertisements, each advertisement is associated with a topic and it specifies more details of the products and services that are provided. The person who advertises has a valid account and must be logged in to be able to write in her advertisement, for order reasons, only the owner of the advertisement can write, the rest of the users have writing restrictions, they can only read.

I would like to have the option of a chat on these topics, the idea is that the person who publishes their products and services, has the option of interacting with registered users of the portal (forum), to ask specific questions, without writing on the topic or Through private messages, this restriction is to maintain order and not fill with questions and comments, or make a very extensive topic for the rest of the users (by cell phone it would be eternal to read).


The chat must be available when the advertiser is in active session.
Only users with a community account (active session) can interact via chat.
Save conversation history.

Grateful to anyone who may be interested in this challenge.


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