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Regarding Changes in Theme for Front Page


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Forum Link - digitalmoneytalk.com/

I want assistance for following -

1. I want to increase the size of Header Area by 2x. The size is reduced after recent upgradation.

Note -Screenshot Attached ( Header Area.jpg)


2. I want to delete all the area which is shown in Red color Rectangle in the screenshot attached.
Area is as under
a. Secondary navigation box.
b. Home page link
c. Forum ( TEXT Box)
Note - Screenshot (Delete Red area.jpg) attached.

Let me know if you need any further details are required.

Thanks in advance

Header Area.jpg

Delete Red area.jpg

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On 9/25/2020 at 2:09 AM, 403 - Forbiddeen said:


About 'forums' try this.

.ipsType_pageTitle .ipsFlex-flex:11 .ipsType_break {display:none}


About nav

#ipsLayout_header nav::after{display:none;}

About 'home', maybe you need to delete this on code, because don't have any class to try to hide.

About header, you want to edit the size?


I'm new when it comes to changing theme coding.

Can you please let me know where those changes should be made. I mean the exact template location.


About Header, I want to edit the size.

At present the size of header is 1520x132. I want to make it 1520x200


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On 9/29/2020 at 9:04 PM, 403 - Forbiddeen said:


#ipsLayout_header header {height: 200px;}

#ipsLayout_header header > .ipsLayout_container {
    height: 200px;

Only left to align the logo.



Thank you.

Header file changes are done.


Unable to remove Forums box.

I try finding the below code

.ipsType_pageTitle .ipsFlex-flex:11 .ipsType_break {display:none}

But was unable to find the above code in any css.


Please let me know how i can find this code in css


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On 10/4/2020 at 4:09 AM, crazzzydave said:

To remove the word "Forums", try adding the code below to your CSS Custom.css:

[data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] .cForumHeader h1.ipsType_pageTitle {
	display: none;


Thank you !!! It's working but the button besides "Forums" named "Start new topic" is getting shifted to left side.

I want "Start new topic" Button right aligned only.

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On 10/16/2020 at 2:07 PM, opentype said:

I think you are focussed on the wrong issues. Your home page takes 18 seconds to even start rendering. Your site isn’t forcing SSL encryption properly. Those are major issues that need fixing. Whether or not a word appears or how high something is, won’t change much.

Thank you for your reply. 😊

My Forum takes 4-5 seconds to load for first time user and 2-3 seconds for repeating users.

Regarding SSL, I'm looking into it.

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