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Install AppServ to Local HardDrive

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I'm trying to install AppServ-x64-9.3.0.exe On my local hard drive. I was able to install successfully and it created the folder c:\AppServ\www. I know about ending my license key with "-TESTINSTALL" at the end. But that's about as far as I got. I do have a few questions.

MySQL - I understand I'm to make some changes in there.
MySQL DataBase - somehow ones. Create a database.
Test - where am I supposed to put the name test when I'm setting up.
localhose - how do I access the database once I have are properly installed.

Currently all I have to do is www.home2000.com to access my website that is being hosted by my provider. Thinking That I Probably Have To Somehow Type in Something Similar to Get into My Test Set up That Is on My Hard Drive.

I should mention:
my Apache HTTP Server Information
Server Name: localhost
Administrators Email Address: amerifax@gmail.com
Apache ATT Port: 80
Apache HTTPS Port: 443

Bob Snow

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Hi Bob,

You should be able to access your local test site at http://localhost/

Localhost is a special name that means "the computer I'm attempting to access this from." If I visit that address on my computer, it connects to my machine, in other words, and not yours.

You do not need or want another domain name to run a test copy on your computer. You'd only need that if you wanted to put a test copy on a server on the internet somewhere, and you could use a subdomain to accomplish that (something like test.home2000.com). Your IPS license allows one test install on the internet and unlimited localhost installs, so long as they are blocked from general access.

You should be able to unzip your IPS files into the c:\AppServ\www path and then go to the localhost link above. If everything is working right, you should see the IPS installer info.

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