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Creating a link to a comment from a post ID

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Over the years there have been many (many, many!) different ways of linking to specific comments. One way that used to work takes the form:

{Base URL}/index.php?do=findComment&comment={comment ID}

It is a tough one to map directly to a modern link because it doesn't have the Topic ID in it. I typically try to keep these old links alive by adding ModRewrite rules in .htaccess, and that particular older form was my go-to when the URL didn't contain the TID. So... fast forward to 2020, and v4.5, which no longer supports that style of link. Is there an equivalent? That is, I need a link to a post that doesn't require the topic ID (I'm trying to avoid fixing this with a custom plugin that looks up the TID, I'm hoping there is just some sort of link that I can plug straight into .htaccess).

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I'm drawing a blank trying to think of a "normal" way to do this, but one option is to just fudge the topic URL. Pick a real topic id (any one, doesn't matter) and then do this:


or to match your example

{base url}/topic/458741-a/?p={comment id}

The forum application will see the "p" parameter, look up the URL to that specific post and send you to the real URL.

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