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Feedback from betatesting app


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46 minutes ago, NAX said:

Hi there

We have started betatesting the app and users are signing up.
Could'nt find out where we report findings. Any pointers?

If you’re installing communities, it would’ve shown you how to send feedback via the TestFlight app.

FF41965F-88B4-43C8-AF4B-6A49863C5DF1.thumb.png.446b333d6683c31a81bf3bdb6ef695b2.png 5B2F0083-C656-4A0F-8905-6D96B24D3D71.thumb.png.d6c0bfd85e3ac11b11b6c34f8249afd6.png

Sending Feedback



It was the same for Invision Community App. However this is now out of BETA on the TestFlight app, so I would imagine that you just contact them.

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