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Require approval before content shows, not quite working?

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Hey all,

So we've had a few abusive users get into our forum recently and it's becoming a problem, so we've decided to enable content moderation for the first 5 posts in the default member group.

We have the following options set:

Require approval before content shows? Yes

Remove content moderation after 5 approved items of posts/content.

The system seems to be working well, items are appearing in the approval queue as they should, until today

One member signed up and posted a basic, rude text post, so nothing unusual about it, but it was posted immediately, reported by three members then we actioned it.

But I can't find for the life of me why this one post got through.

I set up a new user account, made a post and it explicitly states that it requires approval and didn't show to guests.

Was just wondering if perhaps I'm missing something?

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When you approve a post, you approve the post and any future edits to it. This means, I could register an account, post "Enric, it's so good to be here. What a wonderful community," you approve it, and then seconds later edit it to "You all are a bag of poo."

Are you sure this isn't what happened? Check moderation history to see if there were edits.

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I've double checked the moderator log, the only entry for that particular post, is when a moderator responded to the report, she hid the post, then closed the report.

Yea, no approval was done on the post and this post was made after the content approval was turned on.

It's just really bizarre.

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