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Limit File Extensions Type Uploads by User Group

Keith Clark

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Hello everyone, my first post, or feature request to the community! Requesting consideration of the following:

  • Limit File Extensions Type Uploads by User Group


  • Viruses can be packed in .exe, .zip, heck even word docs! How about limiting file types by group (adding that functionality to the group page) This way, only trusted groups could upload, for example a nice big .zip file. Because they're a trusted user that you've elevated to that group, their limitations would allow them to do that.
  • Allowing any user to submit any type of file they want is completely unsafe and puts other users at risk.

Thanks, and look forward to seeing ya'll more often! 🙂


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11 hours ago, Keith Clark said:

Yes, I need it to be by group.

Not going to let regular users upload god knows what and then when something happens I'm responsible. Invision support confirms there is no virus protection built in. 

Only trusted people should be able to upload all extensions. 


Virus protection isn't really something we can do at the software level in PHP. Your host may have virus scanners installed on the server, however - it might be worth reaching out to them to inquire.

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