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Increase Clubs community engage


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1. A block or widget of Clubs Public Activities. 

2. Add Public Content Section to club system, that mean whatever type of club, owner can actived this option for specific Club Feature, example, create 2 forums features inside a club, one of them with the Public Content Section actived, then this forum content will be get by the Clubs Public Activities. 

My community has so many groups, but all these groups are come from the same community. What we don't want is, each club is survived as a world separated totally from the community, we want to create a channel where is connected between all clubs. Each club apart of their features with privacy, can active some features that are the way and content to create communication with the whole community, at the same time this mechanism will bring us more engagement from clubs to members and to the entire website. 

Right now I can see similar permission is already applied for the Club Page that let admin choose show it for none members. 

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