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Images get "stuck" in editor between content items

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We encountered this issue and opened a support request noting it as a bug. Upon adding images to a database entry, and then going to a new entry, the images remain in the editor and get appended to the next content item.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a database entry and upload images into the content
  2. Create a new post / database / thread entry and observe that images are retained in the editor.
  3. User must remove images from editor or they are embedded in content

Expected results:

Each new content item will have a cleared editor, with no previously uploaded images selected to insert.

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I submitted a ticket, yet I was asked to try with redis turned off. I don't want to impact production like that. Will need to spin up dev or test environment later and try. 

This was happening when editing the database entries in the ACP.  #67394 is the ticket.

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