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I have an idea that can give so good purpose to Topic Summary feature, that is Note for Topic Summary.

Right now due the miss of link function for Topic Summary elements, it still can not produce a positive affect in this feature, If we have the note ability, it will provide a good content moderation of a topic with organize knoledge and resume information purpose. This handle content design will make our topics conversation more valuable, thinking in each topic contains good knowledge or good points, that can be show by note, while the topic is continue receiving members participation, moderators and topic owner can adding or improving the topic summary good points.

1. Admin can set which moderators with permission to handle note of Topic Summary.

2. If a topic author is not moderator staff, the author can request handle note permission, and this need approved by moderators or amin. In case the authour don´t need this ability, in the creation of topic just by default by pass the Note ability request option.  

3. Due this note feature is thinking in a collaboration managing knowledge scene, the deletion of note should be approved by administrators. Each change should be saved as history, administrators can restore actions.

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Just now, kmk
12 hours ago, Joel R said:

No, content message is separate from Topic Summary and will appear under topic title.  

That is my point, how about this Content Message move to Topic Summary?

No. Topic summary is a waste of resources and we don’t use it, same with a lot of other communities.

Wouldn’t make sense to combine completely different features.

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