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Post-upgrade configuration onboarding


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It would be lovely if the next IPS major upgrade were to provide administrators with a walkthrough of all new configuration options either during the upgrade or post-upgrade. This would help us identify what settings and features have new behavior or options that did not exist prior to the upgrade, so we can make decisions on what appropriate values would be to set. Some effort was made for an onboarding experience for new installs, yet a "what's new" onboarding would be most helpful.

Further broken down by:

  • New things that are turned off by default, but you might want to consider turning on
  • Things that will be turned on by default, but you might want to consider turning off
  • New options for things that already existed, yet now have additional granularity or choices

From the 4.5 release, some things that would have been nice to be guided through in this way would have been the addition of Pixabay, the configuration of the thread statistics and timeline settings, calling out the move of the anonymous login setting to within account settings, etc.

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37 minutes ago, Stuart Silvester said:

We do have a "what's new" feature that we've used in the past.

That's nice, but I'm thinking something more of an intermediary to "accept all new default values that you might not know about." There should totally be a "I'll do this later" button that does what happens today, yet a guided walkthrough of configuration specific changes would be immensely helpful. A good starting point was in the handling of the consolidation of new notification options, decisions about updated purging defaults, and BB code deprecation in the 4.4 -> 4.5 upgrade.

Otherwise, an administrator is left with having to go find the new things and see what they're set to.

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