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1 hour ago, AlexJ said:

Need some help with website front page. It's broken after the 4.5.2 upgrade. 


I am not sure what changed in 4.5.2 but someone, who has knowledge can help to fix it? 

It looks like you're using a custom theme. You'll need to update your themes to work with 4.5, as they are very different from 4.4. I took a quick glance and, having never been to your web site before, I wasn't sure what to compare it against and I'm not sure there's much to help with on what might be broken. What are you expecting and how is what you're seeing different? If you use the default Invision 4.5 theme do you have the same issues? Can you list out what the issues are (or provide annotated screenshots)?

I was, however, surprised to see a lack of assassins (fearless or otherwise) available for hire. Is your Commerce store not showing up as the default application?

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You probably need to ask the theme developer for support with that. How items are displayed on the page is probably a theme issue, unless the issue happens in the default Invision 4.5 theme as well. You might try running the support tool "something isn't working" to clear caches just to see if some javascript or css isn't cached properly. We've had lots of issues with that with 4.5.

Also, looking at the browser console on your site, there's an error involving Cloudflare's rocket loader javascript. You may want to try turning that off from Cloudflare to see if that might be involved in whatever the problem is.

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