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"Archived This topic is now archived..." turn it off?

peter gariepy

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@Matt this is happening to a lot of us.

I also would like this turned off.... I have lots of posts from 3 years ago that I would like to be able to update. Nevermind search functionality being hosed.

this is the first time I've encountered this.... so it must have been turned on without my consent on one of the recent updates.


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I would not call my website a large site at all...... (AND I pay Amazon for their S3 buckets for storage.....)

Will I wake up next month to find out there is a maximum amount of posts on any website or club?

And I noticed my search function isn't keeping up to date for the first time today.....


How are we supposed to eventually compete with the giants if we can't even support our tiny websites.

What a disappointing journey this online publishing business has become.


I'm glad I'm slowly exiting the business.  Anybody else in my shoes?

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Let me just add that the most important perspective for ALL of us should be the user's perspective. 

Invision and I are partners in this venture...... we should care about how our user's feel.... not so much how we feel.

Can you imagine going to your Facebook post from 3 years ago only to find out you can't edit it or even reply to it because Mark Zuckerberg decided to "archive" it on you?

That is so 1996.

I understand the need for archiving huge sites over time....... and by that I mean I would (as a user) not complain if Yahoo Groups archived posts from like 10-15 years ago.

but posts within a decade should be fair game.

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If your site is over a specific size threshold you can choose to archive content on Community In The Cloud between 1-12 years old, however 12 years ago is the oldest range allowed presently.

If your site is under that threshold, or if you host your community yourself, there is no archive enforcement.

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