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Child Theme Inheritance


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I noticed a child theme inherits the initial parent "Edit" configuration (i.e. Button colors, text colors, etc).  Is there a way to keep/update this inheritance throughout parent edits?  I have two themes:  Responsive (parent) and Desktop (because some of my users refuse to go Responsive).  My only effective change is setting Responsive OFF for the Desktop theme.  The rest I want identical to the parent Responsive theme.  This does work for things such as custom CSS and HTML changes but not for whatever falls under the "Edit" button.  What's the best way to achieve this as I tweak the Parent theme?

Only other option is to tweak/finalize Responsive parent and then re-create the child Desktop theme but it will force any users using the old Desktop theme to re-set their Theme preference or for me to write a DB script to re-set it for them to the new theme id.

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