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Close Club if owner does not renew his subscription


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Scenario: "A member pays a recurring fee to upgrade to a Usergroup to get permissions to create a club. On the renewal date he does not pays anything, the system drop him back to Member usergroup but he can continue administrating his club (and most probably earning money from club members)".

Question: Is this logic? I think no. Even in real life when someone rents an apartment, shop, office etc, the owner kicks him out if he does not pays the rental fees.

Solution: I'll not suggest a complicated procedure like "Allow the club to work as normal, bur restrict Administration functions". A very simple solution is "Close the Club (disable access and joins), showing a message Club is under maintenance. This will push the club creator to renew his subscription. Maybe an advanced feature is a new Yes/No setting in subscription (in the place with upgrade/downgrade usergroup) "Close any clubs" should gives more flexibility.


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