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Automatically embedded links stop working in 4.5 .....

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Oh, of course... My bad.

☝️"allow remote images" = false

results instead in:


In 4.4, this was not the case. In 4.5, it was a surprise change.

I understand the logic behind it if it was intentional, yet this took us a few hours of combing through source code to determine why things were not working. I can see the use case for "hey, I want pretty embeds for the special sites, but don't let anyone paste a remotely hosted image from elsewhere."

You have a super day!

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On 9/15/2020 at 2:33 PM, Paul E. said:

... if allow remote images is set to false.

We would like no remote images, yet with the special supported embedded links (things like facebook, twitter, youtube, gfycat, etc.) I'd like those to continue to work as they did in 4.4.

Is this a bug?

In 4.4, we had remote images disabled, yet still saw these embedded links.

Thank you. I thought I was going mad. 

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Any update as to when this will be fixed?

I need to clarify too.... on my site I have both forum and database sections.   It used to be that I could copy a member's write-up in the forum and paste it into a database section as a record.   The text AND images would show up.  ( The images were originally uploaded in forum).  But now when I copy and paste, the images  just show up as links. 


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