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    • By Phil Lilley
      When temporarily banning a member for 7 days, I mistakenly banned his IP.  When his time was up, I found out what I had done because the member as well as other members with overlapping IP's were turning up banned still.
      The member I banned had just over 1,000 IP's (40 pages @ 25 each page).  He's been a member for 17 years.  I had to delete them all one at a time.  That's on me... my mistake.  It would be nice if there were an option to mass delete.
      Just a thought...
    • By superaven
      A while back I started a thread about this, but it never really went anywhere. We got broadsided by spammers and there's literally thousands of messages in the queue before we realized and setup a filter / block. Selecting all, only selects all on that page and doesn't select across pagination. Can you please supply a solution, if even it's just a MySQl query to delete all requests when email matches xx or delete all requests when subject matches xx?
      That being said, since you do have a nifty filter feature it would be amazing if selecting all filtered results actually selected all results and not just the ones displayed on that page.
      Thank you,
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will give the ability to moderators who can edit content to mass add/remove prefix/tags in topics.
    • By Adriano Faria
      This plugin will allow moderators with permission to change authorship to mass change files submitters directly on category view. All changes will be logged in Moderator Logs.
    • By OctoDev
      Looking for the ability to mass delete, refund or approve in transactions requiring review.

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