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How to - Create a internal link to an extern URL?


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Hi, Hope someone has a good idea for this 😉

I have a lot of content with links to affiliate partners, other forums etc. In the time some extern links change and i need to search in the content to change all the extern links to the new one.

On some sites i see they link to an intern link what follows to an extern link. 

Example message:

Hi this is a message, you can buy it on amazon

The word / link amazon goes to: https://partner123.amazon.com
In the future amazon changes the partner link to: https://amazon.com/partner123  . That means i need to change all the links manually.

I wan't to create this:

https://www.mysite.com/mycustomlink01 --> goes to https://partner123.amazon.com

When the link changes i change the redirect of https://www.mysite.com/mycustomlink01 to https://amazon.com/partner12

That means that Hi this is a message, you can buy it on amazon. 
The amazon link goes to: https://www.mysite.com/mycustomlink01

Hope im clear.... someone has a simple solution for this? I cant find a plugin. 😞

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