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[Gallery] Notifications need to point to Source

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To whom it may concern,

The notifications for Gallery are kind of all over the place. When a user submits an image, and depending on where that image actually is, Notifications can be either confusing, or worse, useless. For instance:

"User has submitted new images to an Album"

This one's alright. It takes you straight to that album to see the update(s). It won't tell you which ones are new, so you're left to figure that out yourself.

"User has submitted new images to a Category"

Well screw me then. I get dumped into a category, which displays both Albums and Images. This doesn't help any. At all. I recommend this be changed to take the user being notified to the user who submitted the content's "See All Activity > Gallery" page. Or at least link it directly to the image or images uploaded. Right now this notification is basically useless in its current form.

"User has submitted new images to a Club"

See #1. It's alright, it takes you to the club's Gallery category where the images were posted.

We get complaints on these all the time. Gallery seems like a tacked on feature that hasn't really been idealized, and nor is it in a fantastic spot. There needs to be some work done on this module, which I've expressed before. But if anything absolutely needs a change, this is one of them.

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1 hour ago, bfarber said:

This would be images submitted directly to the category, rather than a subcategory or album.

Would it be helpful to show the "this is new" dot next to the image captions, or do you have another idea in mind to better denote what is new?

With the quantity of images that we are seeing (we are an art site primarily), those types of notifications would likely get lost. Possibly a redirect to the user's "see more activity > gallery" page would be better on this. That way the notification is relevant, and new content would be easier to find.

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