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[4.5] Improvements for badges


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With 4.5 we got those nice and shiny badges:


However there is not much we can do with these. No way to edit the icon (I know it can be done manually, I am talking about AdminCP options...), to way to change the inverval for how long a "recently joined" member is getting a badge, no option to display badges based on usergroups (not just if someone has moderator permissions) etc.

Also the "hand icon" for recently joined members has received quite some negative feedback. It is misinterpreted for restrictions being in place instead of a waving hand (what I suppose it should be taken for).


  • Please add a usergroup-based options:
    • Display profile badge YES|NO
    • (If YES, then 2nd option:) Edit profile badge:
      • Background color (color picker)
      • Icon
  • Remove badge from moderator permissions (not needed anymore with the above option based on usergroups)
  • For recently joined members, please add an option to choose for how many days the joined-recently-badge will be displayed.
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