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    • By CoffeeCake
      This simple plugin puts an edit and report link at the bottom of posts and comments, while retaining the same links in the new ellipsis menu for those unafraid of change. This is intended to work with the default IPS 4.5 theme. If you have a custom theme installed, your millage may vary.
    • By Pushpendra Singh Chauhan
      Hi if anyone can help please.
      I've an urgent requirement to change file submit / updated detail of a file. So I thought it may be done from backend easily. But as I can see in db table the date is not in usual format.

      What is the mechanism to change this ?
    • By A Zayed
      This plugin will allow moderators/Admin to see report message under post content for reported posts.
    • By HDiddy
      I added some new buttons o CKEditor which now show up with some light theme completely different from the rest of the cite's dark them.  Anyway to modify this?
    • By Morgin
      I had a user note that they had spent a good deal of part of a day working on a post before submitting, and discovered that after submitting they were unable to take advantage of the 60 minute edit window we provide. They “tested” and seem to suggest that perhaps the window is being calculated from when the post draft is first started, and not when posted. I can’t seem to reproduce, but wanted to check with the community here to see if anyone has more specific technical knowledge of how the edit time is calculated and what triggers it. 
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