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4.5 Theme changes

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Is there a way to regain the space between the top of the main menu tabs and the top of the page in the new default theme ? 


We use an image of around 936 x 154 pixels as a logo and it would fit nicely in the old theme.

However, now with the reduced space in the new theme , using 100% for the logo proportionally shrinks the image to fit the new space making the photo about 1/3 its previous size.  

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12 hours ago, Chris Olson said:

Thanks Paul ... possibly could you point me in the general direction of where to look in the existing css ?  Or failing that, some key words to search on within the existing code?

I believe that's <header>, so #ipsLayout_header is likely what you'll want to adjust.

You can use Google Chrome, right click, and choose inspect to see the CSS properties of a given area of your site.

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On 9/11/2020 at 12:35 PM, AudiSport-Ibérica Club said:

Someone knows where is now the user button/login button in mobile version?


Something got screwed for us too in exactly the same manner. I just re-did our themes and in fixed it. probably something to with the css.
If you can, and if you're using the default theme (had a look through your site, it looks like you are) just make a new theme and replicate your colors by opening the seting for both in two chrome windows side by side like in the attached screenshot:


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