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4.5.2 WHY change default colors! Theme for Old Colors?


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10 hours ago, jucs said:

WHY change colors in the default!?  I had never customized and now a bunch of defaults are changed in 4.5.2.  Now, it creates a huge amount of work for me.  Does anyone have a theme with the OLD default colors?


So if you never customized anything, what's the issue? You liked the old 4.4.x colors better? IPS had been saying for some time there was a new default theme coming, etc. - it's not as if this should be a big surprise to anyone...

I guess what you could do is find a site running 4.4.x and ask them to provide you the hex values, or maybe IPS could give you an old to new color mapping (doubtful they would have it)...

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Background information can be found here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/45-introducing-our-updated-default-theme-r1198/

It was a design overhaul, streamlining and simplifying things and with that improving it. It’s not someone changed the colors just for the fun of it. 

Adjusting the color palette to the needs of a specific site is now actually a little bit easier now. I’ve done it for around five IPS 4.5 sites already. Not sure where the “huge amount of work is”. You open the theme settings and change the colors with the color picker. Pretty easy to do. 


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