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August Marketplace Submissions Recap

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Hi and welcome to our new series of updates for our contributors.

We'll highlight the most common mistakes, ways to resolve them and also generic improvement suggestions once a month here:)


As first, I want to apologies that some files took really long to get approved, but we really expected that new submissions and upgrades would have a better quality, but unfortunately >60% of the submissions ( 90% in the first week) were still not following the new marketplace guidelines, which resulted in a devils circle.


Let's recap the last months issues resulting in rejections🙂

  • Core Database changes.
  • Version details not changed.
  • Usage of existing IPS error codes in your own code.
  • Usage of \IPS\ROOT_PATH in your code.
    See 4.5 dev changes
  • Upgrade steps trying to process too many data.
    Please try to process data from huge tables in batches instead of iterating over such a big datasource in one step.


We're also seeing a huge trend in extra queries and extra joins, which are unnecessary most of the time, please don't be lazy and try to use your common sense and ask yourself what's the preferred solution in this case? A global join each time the object is initialized?  A second query when the object is initialized? Lazy load the data when needed?

Last but not least, please avoid altering the Groups database table! While we allowed this in the past,  we see a big trend that many developers already use own tables and logic for this too, which works really great. Because of this we'll start to be more strict here, so starting tomorrow any new submissions will have to follow this rule too! 

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