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Pages Permissions Issue | Guests Unable to See It !

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Hello, I would like to display my "CGU" (Terms of Service) page and make it readable for Guests.
My main problem is that I don't want guest to access website, so they directly land on a page that asks them to connect.
For this I have to turn off "can access to website", wich means they cannot access either on my custom page.

Is there any way I can fix this ? Cause I kinda need users to be able to read my TOS before registering.
Here is some screenshots


^ "landing page" for guests.


^ page I want to display.



^ my settings.

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1 minute ago, Matt said:

The 'Can Access Site' setting overrides everything else, but I can see your confusion.

Could you add the TOS to the ACP > Settings > Terms & Privacy Policy area?

Already tried but it does the same. 
This is a weird feature since I don't want people to see the infrastructure of my forum but still be able to read TOS before register.

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