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Mobile: Enter/Backspace hide keyboard

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Something weird just started happening, and I'm not sure whether it's to do with the new chrome version not playing nicely with ckeditor or what. 
we have the "Enter key behavior" set up the other way around than the IC forums, so that Enter goes down a line and NOT starts a new paragraph (also tested with the "start new paragraph" behavior set).

When replying to a post on mobile, if you hit enter to go down a line or hit backspace to remove an empty line, it instead hides the entire keyboard and you have to tap the text box again in order to resume typing. It was tested on multiple devices and with different keyboards installed, and also in other text boxes on different sites, it only happened in our forum.

*screen capture down below (Sorry for the gigantic size, can't seem to make it smaller).

Any advice on what to look into? An idea of how to solve/bypass the issue? Is the issue present on 4.5? 

Any other advice that could be helpfull?

Thanks in advance.

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Bugtastic - tested on both IPS 4.4.10 and 4.5.1, on a OnePlus 5, running Android 10

  • issue occurs with Chrome 85.0.4183.81 (both app version & Chromium version, via chrome://version)
  • issue doesn't occur with
    • Firefox 80.1.2
    • Edge (app version)/77.0.3865.116 (chromium version, via edge://version)


2 hours ago, Pavel Chernitsky said:

new chrome version not playing nicely with ckeditor


Feel free to play around with a non-IPS CKEDITOR 4 implementation: https://test.ynwa.tv/ckeditor/ck4.html, then a bug report could be submitted to Google and/or CKEDITOR

CKEDITOR bug submitted

Actually a duplicate of https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor4/issues/4252

Which, in turn, is a Chrome bug https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1121179

I've verified it as fixed in Chrome Beta, and in Chrome Dev

Note: CKEDITOR 5 explicitly uses <p> for enter key, with <br> being the action for shift+enter (that's going to be fun on here if IPS go to CK5 at a later point)

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