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How to make a pagination and how to parse text to editor?


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1. How to make pagination just like on IPB 3.4 with pagination->(args..)? I have found ips.ui.pagination but its not this what i'm looking for.

2. It will be greate if you could tell me how to parse text from sql strictly to IPS Editor

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1. Pagination is typically generated within the PHP controller, and then the appropriate template is included within theme templates.

\IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate( 'global', 'core', 'global' )->pagination( $this->baseUrl, $this->pages, $this->page, $this->limit, TRUE, $this->paginationKey, $this->simplePagination )

Swap out the parameters as appropriate of course. Alternatively, you can use something like the table helper (\IPS\Helpers\Table) which handles things like pagination automatically.

2. You should not need to pass any content in the database through any sort of parser before putting it in the editor.

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