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I have a problem, editing the permissions of a forum

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Hello I have a problem, editing the permissions of a forum, which should make a "redirect" and its subforums also, by mistake touch "apply all" ok. this is not a problem, then fix everything doing one by one by hand, ok. but! ... the "tabs" of the clubs keep doing that redirect! and I have no way of finding how to get that redirect from the clubs subtopics, that is, all the tabs of the clubs (less members, that looks good) when you click, they do the redirect! Could you tell me how to solve it?

P.S. I have tried to enter the tabs, and edit as with any forum. but it asks me to associate it to a forum, but it does not give me the option to associate it to a club.

Thank you very much, I would be in need of it urgently.





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