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New Developer Alert for IPS forum (Facebook, Aug 28)


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hi, got an email saying this, is it serious? What we as users need to do?

Reauthorization required for private Instagram accounts to access Instagram Basic Display API

As part of ongoing changes to improve overall privacy of our Platform we recently made changes to our Platform Terms and Developer Policies. We are also making a change with respect to access token refresh for apps using the Instagram Basic Display API.

As of August 31, 2020, developers using the Instagram Basic Display API will no longer have continued access to private Instagram account information without reauthorization from the account. Apps calling the GET /refresh_access_token API endpoint will not receive a refreshed access token when they call the endpoint for private Instagram accounts.

This change will require private Instagram accounts to re-authorize at least every 60 days in order for developers to maintain continued access to their current data using the Instagram Basic Display API. This change will only apply to private Instagram accounts; access to data for public Instagram accounts using this API endpoint will remain unchanged.


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