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CodeMirror Text Editor Sizes


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When editing plug-in hook templates via tfrom the ACP, I always feel that I am editing through a letter box. The editor height is just too small and uncomfortable to work with for long period s of time.

At the moment it is currently set to 300px, would it be possible that this could be doubled or the text-area made resizeable.

Also, would it be possible to show line numbers by default as well or at least toggle able like the theme editor area?

If this is not possible, can you show me were I can edit the Code Mirror config so I can do this myself?

Also, while I am thinking about it, can you place the Text editor area above the 'Action' options. This way I do not have to keep scrolling down past the action options to edit code all the time. To me the Text Editor is more important and used more than the Action settings.

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