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Demotion of Members


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So let's say I have two member groups - Member and Advanced Member

Using Group promotions, I set the rule that members in the "member" group are promoted to "advanced member" when x post count is hit

However, I want to demote them back to "member" when they hvae been inactive for x days which I presume I use the "member last visited" or if I want to "member last posted" options.

My questions are;

Do they move automatically when they hit the last visited / posted threashold

Do they move back if they visit / post automatically

OR does the other rule override them moving back? i.e because they already have x post count?


Sorry if these are a bit daft, trying to sort something out before giving certain members privaleges

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23 hours ago, Morrigan said:

The last rule in the list that applies to the member will apply to them. So you put your inactive one after your post count one and it will apply. When they become active the post count one will apply to them again and it will move them back immediately.

Thanks.  Will give it a go

Once I upgrade to 4.5 I will hook up discord and the brilliant discord app.   Then will use this rule to allow active forum members to chat on our discord channel, otherwise its read only or get posting on the forum

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