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Implement better compression for pasted images


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Squoosh is an image compression web app made by Google Chrome Labs. It allows you to dive into the advanced options provided by various image compressors.

Squoosh is open source. and it could be integrated into IPS.

Here is why it's important:

1. The image below was pasted directly into editor using CTRL+V, and it's size is 875 kb.


2. The image below was pasted into squoosh.app using CTRL+V, saved with default settings and then uploaded to the post. Its size is just 42kb (x20.8 times better).
*If IPS supported webp, then it could be just 32 kb, x27.4 times better.


My suggestion is to give us an ability to save pasted images in the most efficient format instead of PNG.

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21 minutes ago, Charles said:

4.5 supports browser-side image resizing.

Resizing is cool, but it's not related to the suggestion. It's about compression, not about resizing.
What about the feature which chooses the optimal format automatically instead of PNG? In a lot of cases, it would be JPG (as IPS does not support webp yet).

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Browser side resizing is far from best practice, this puts all the work on the client and slows the page load time. The correct image size for the viewport should be returned from the server.  As a minimum IPB should natively serve webp images and preferably to have integration with an image CDN such as https://www.imgix.com/ or https://cloudinary.com/

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