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Why do some dates disappear?


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30 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Does this also happen with the English language ? I guess it’s an issue with your translation. 

Indeed you are right, in English it works well!

But, then where can the bad translation come from and why just on certain dates and not all dates?

If you can give me the translation which can be buggy, because if I have to go through 700 pages of 50 lines, I'm 150 years old 🙂



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19 minutes ago, Sonya* said:

Look for the key _date_this_week in translations.

That's right ! Thank you  ! 🙏

Bad translation, for each bug I will have to look at the translations that have been made


Correction and corrected translation


Now everything is working again, it wouldn't take 150 years to search 😅😂🤣


Thanks for your help @Daniel F and @Sonya* 👍👋

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