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Alternative to Social media promotions.


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I used Social Media Promotions, but is very difficult configure with the Facebook permisions. And nonestly the support is poor in this feature by IPS.

Facebook doesn't make it easy and it usually stops working unexpectedly. I have a support ticket from April 03, 2020 without resolving.

With this last modification in manage_pages and publish_pages permissions,  it again doesn't work and I have to request new permissions:



The manage_pages permission has been deprecated and replaced with 4 new permissions:





The publish_pages permission has been deprecated and replaced with 2 new permissions:




Are InvisionCommunity looking for any alternative to promote our content on Facebook?

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I do not understand why, to use this function you need to require a thousand approvals (practically impossible to have), while instead IFTTT can publish (even on pages) without any of that...

I already imagine that the IPS staff will say that they have integrated Zapier for systems on cloud currently. but we're talking about a paid system... Can't you integrate a system like IFTTT?

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1 hour ago, Matt said:

Facebook do make it tricky by constantly changing permissions required and adding new requirements.

You're right, and that is why it is best to offer good support or other alternatives directly. Maybe through the zapier api would be a good idea.

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